Arlington Dog Walking is builds partnerships with top-level Vets!

We are not your average dog walking company!

Partnering with Top Vets!

At Arlington Dog Walking we have went to great lengths to ensure your dog is always in good hands. Every owner's worst nightmare is to hear that their dog has been injured. This is our worst nightmare too! In order to help ensure your dog is always safe we have spent 100's of hour reviewing local vets in Arlington, Belmont, and Cambridge to determine the top vets. We even spent time to develop a direct relationship with these vets to ensure if ever an emergency were to occur your furry friend would get immediate quality medical care.

What vets are the best.


Although this is a complex question we have applied time-tested methods of analysis to make such a determination. We start by analyzing the facilities of a vetinary practice, this is a great starting point as a vet is utilmately limited by the tools at his or her disposal. We contniue our examination by detailing a vet's background (veterinary school, years in practice, school performance). We contiue our analysis by reading patient reviews both good and bad. We conclude our analysis by surveying other veterinarians on who they believe are great Vets! Normally, if other veterinarians reccomend you that is a very accurate sign of the quality of services you render.

A tired dog is a Happy Dog! This is why at Arlington Dog Walking we tailor an excercise plan that it is right for your dog.

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