We believe in a Holistic Pet Care Philosophy.

Complete Pet Care is more than giving your dog the opportunity to pee and poop outside. Dog-centered pet care focuses on the mental, social, and physical well-being of your furry friend.

It starts with Great Dog Food. Your dog can not live a long and healthy life without eating quality dog food on a regular basis. Avoid feeding your dog any food which is high in corn, starches, sodium, and any meat-by-product. The first ingredient of any quality dog food should be a protein source NOT corn or a type of grain. In general, we reccomend a grain-free diet.

Excercise is critical for the cardiovascular health of your dog. All dogs need excercise, whether through frequent walks, play sessions in the park or backyard, or a few days at dog daycare.


Excercise improves a dog's emotional well-being. Dogs need excercise to expend pent-up energy. They need to have access to the outdoors and natural sub-light to avoid a Vitamin D Defciency.


Dog daycare, dog park visits, and play dates helps socialize dogs. Socialization is critical for dogs to learn proper play behavior and interactions with dogs of all sizes and breeds. An unsocialized dog risk interacting with aggressive dogs. An unsocialized dog cannot properly interpert the non-verbal body language of other dogs. This lack of socialization is very dangerous. If a dog is anxious or on gaurd when meeting another dog they pick up on the tension and immediately send the message that there is a threat. Social dogs sniff tails simultaneously allow another dog in thier space and show intrest in play. The dog which is unsocialized will react and be defensive on leash or off to protect themselves. Looking for head tail and if a dog's hackles go up is important to determine the socialbility of your dog.


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A tired dog is a Happy Dog! This is why at Arlington Dog Walking we tailor an excercise plan that it is right for your dog.

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