Local Dog Park Visits

We are not your average dog walking company! In addition to our dog walking service we offer dog park visits and doggy daytrips.

Local Dog Park Visits

At Arlington Dog Walking we offer daily dog park visits to a local dog parks. Our dog walkers can drive your dog to the nearest fenced-in outdoor or indoor dog park.  Your dog is then taken off its leash and is allowed to run free, and play with other dogs of its size under the close supervision of an Acton Dog Walkers.  This service offers maximum exercise and stimulation for your dog.  It is a 30-60-minute service, including the transportation to and from the park.

Dogs were born to lead active lives.


A dog park visits offers a dog a place to run without a leash, roll around and romp with their friends, and play the occasional game of fetch and keep away. Any client can rest assured that their dog will be safe while being watch by our staff with extensive dog care experience.

A tired dog is a Happy Dog! This is why at Arlington Dog Walking we tailor an excercise plan that it is right for your dog.

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