Full Service Pet care: Dog Walking & Boarding

Arlington Dog Walking was founded: March 2012

"Dogs enrich your life" On a sunny morning in March at the new Arlington dog park Arlington Dog Walking was born! As an animal lover and devoted pet owner I thought to myself, my dog really looks forward to his play and walk time! Not only does my dog have fun but I enjoy every bit of the playful moments and my dog really keeps me in shape. Why not do what I love by combining the fact that I love the outdoors and dogs. Dogs are tender loving creatures who bond with us and leave paw prints on our hearts.

Dog's are like family. Our goal with every client is to ensure the utmost attention for your furry friend. Pet care has been my life's passion. I have created a doggie report card which breaks down the walk. Dog energy,what they did on thier walks and time are all recorded on each walk to assure the pet owner.

Above and Beyond the rest. Almost all of our staff are have worked in a shelter or rescue group. That way they have the same passion and understand dog behavior. I train all my staff to teach loose leash walking. That way it transfers over making each walk enjoyable and safe .Our walkers make sure that when they're walking they don't talk on their cellphones. One of my biggest pet peeves is seeing careless dog walkers who don't take in the enviornment and give attention to the dog they are walking. It just takes a moment of carelessness for a dog's safety to be at risk. The core of our philosophy is that Experience makes a difference.

We are Vetrinarian reccomended! Arlington Dog Walking can keep your dog happy tired and trim. Tailor an excercise plan that it is right for your dog.

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